i-Texon Ghana launches International Education Fair

itexonThe Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service, National Council for Tertiary Education and I-Texon Ghana, an event organizing company has launched its first international education fair under the theme “Academic Recruitment across Borders” in Accra.

At the short ceremony that took place on Friday at the Accra International Conference center, some dignitaries in the educational sector declared their support for the event expressing optimism such would go a long way to help the country in increasing the standard of its education.

Chief Executive Officer of i-Texon Ghana, Captain Mrs. Katherine Haizel noted that there was tremendous growth in demand for Ghanaian education hence the advent of black market recruiting agents and middle-men who dupe unsuspecting victims of their monies seeking school admissions. She said the unfortunate demand has made Ghana a very unattractive place for higher education.

According to Mrs. Haizel, the fair seeks to explore the best practice model of student recruitment into Ghana’s tertiary institutions from Nigeria while deepening ties with the West African neighbor.

The fair will commence from 7th November to 9th November 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria and will be structured in Exhibitions and Lectures.


Source: 233livenews

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